Alt om auditionen! :-D

Skrev et langt innlegg til Myspace-bloggen, og tenkte jeg kunne poste den her også så dere får litt flere detaljer om dette lille eventyret mitt i forrige uke. Så hvis dere lurer på hvorfor jeg plutselig skriver på engelsk; Nei, det er ikke for å forberede meg til jeg skal flytte til England. Haha...
Av en eller annen grunn gjorde myspace om alle ´ene til .., og jeg gidder ikke sitte og ordne med det nå... Jeg skal egentlig nemlig lese til eksamen nå... Som jeg egentlig skulle ha gjort i 4 måneder nå... Arrrgh... Anyway... Here goes!=)


Audition last week at LIPA went great! I had 3 amazing days in the beautiful city. It was so much fun to go out on an adventure all by myself, and on my birthday and everything! =)

I stayed at The Embassie Hostel at Falkner Square, a 5 minute walk from LIPA.
First night there I met Tash, a great girl from Australia, who is a drummer but also an amazing guitarist, and the 2 of us spent the night jammin. We even wrote a brand spankin.. new song together! It..s called With You Gone, and I will put it up here the minute I get to finishing and recording it. I LOVE IT! It..s happy and mellow at the same time, and the guitar sounds amazing. Long live Garage Band!! ;)
We decided if we keep working together we..d call ourselves Embassie, since that..s where it all started. Great place, great people!:-D
I know one thing, we worked really good together - musically, she is like a female version of Kristian!! *lol* She..s gonna try to come over to Norway this summer so we can jam some more. That..s gonna be AWESOME!! :-D
bilde 1126
Embassie ROCKS!! :-D

The audition was on wednesday. First we registered, and got a guided tour of the school. It´s AMAZING!! OMG... Then we had a dance workshop, wich was cool. Nice to move a bit in the beginning of the day - I bet we were all a little "tense"... The other girls all seamed nice, and we had a looong lunch to talk. My audition wasn´t until 3 pm, so I took a couple of the girls with me and found a room with a piano, and we warmed up together.

In the hall way, waiting for my turn.. Heart pounding...

Then, time had come for the individual interview/song/acting part of the audition... The interview was cool, and the acting part, well... I was gonna do the poem, Like The Wind, but I changed my mind 5 minutes before my audition and totally improvised the whole thing and did something completely different. I have no idea how it went. Like, NO idea.
The songs went great, except for the fact that I forgot the words to the musical song (Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent) and had to start over, and then the piano guy played wrong and the sheet music fell on the floor and we had to stop again, and the panel said they had heard enough of that song. I had no idea if that was good or bad...!
But then they let me sing my own song and accompanie myself, so I sang Sorry I..m Not Her. Wich went great.

They agreed to concider me for both the One Year Diploma course (wich the audition was for in the first place) and the 3 Year Bachelor course, since I had applied for both. I didn..t really know what I was hoping for. The Song Dip is what I have wanted all along, but now I wasn..t sure. And I had no gut feeling whatsoever. It was terrible! Suddenly it was all over, I had done my part, and it was up to someone else to make the decition of my life... I didn..t expect to hear anything for 3 weeks, cause that..s what they said, so I was prepared to suffer.

But on Tuesday, the acceptance letter was in my mail box!!

Yes baby, I am moving to Liverpool! :-D

I am so excited, and amazed. It..s crazy how fast this thing has happened, and how everything has just fallen into place. And I made it happen. Me. I decided to apply, recorded 3 songs in one day (and night), sent them in, was called in for an audition, flew to Liverpool all alone on my birthday... And now I..m in. It kind of dawned on me last night, and I couldn..t stop smiling.

Everybody has been so supportive. I can..t say how much it means to me to have my friends and family behind me on this one. They have all incurraged me the whole time, even the ones who have every right to feel like I..m bailing out on them. I..m surrounded with nothing but love and understanding, and I can..t tell you how grateful I am.
Before I left, I had the most amazing birthday party, and I performed a couple of songs, including the audition songs. My friends are the best crowd in the world!! I am so blessed to have all these fantastic people in my life!!

Here are some of the best people in the world:
Thank you for being my gravity!

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Anyway, I just wanted to share my big news. Big things are happening, and I can..t wait for the next chapter.

Thanks for following.

Keep shining,

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dyktige jenta mi;)

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